What you need to do in stressful situations

What you need to do in stressful situations
What you need to do in stressful situations

There are a number of positive or negative situations that can trigger stress. And the body's response to these events can generate the following symptoms: - - faster breathing - tense muscles. The body has the ability to self-regulate and can cope with stress when it comes in small quantities. , in turn, can lead to serious problems such as weakening of the immune system, which predisposes to colds and infections. Constantly accumulated stress can lead to: - heart disease, - high blood pressure, - depression, - anxiety. Each person responds differently to.

Stress can be caused by an unhappy relationship, an unstable work environment, financial problems or health problems. Identifying the source of stress can sometimes be difficult, but recognizing the stress-triggering elements helps to overcome it. It is important that in tense moments one can find answers to a few questions: - Who causes my stress? - When do I feel the worst during the day? - Risk of making unsuitable decisions due to overwhelming state of stress? Eliminates stress factors. Some are inevitable. Others, however, can be controlled.

For example, if shopping on Saturday makes you uncomfortable because of crowded shops or big tails at checkout, choose to shop in another day. Set your limits. It's important to take on only the responsibilities you can handle, so you do not feel overwhelmed. It may be difficult for you to juggle with many activities or people at once, whether it's work, school, family or friends. Learn to say \.

Organize your activities. If you have many tasks to accomplish within a limited time, prioritize them. Make a plan. Write down a paper with what you start with, what do you continue with, depending on the urgency. Do the tasks in order of importance, not all at once! Ask for help.

Your spouse, children, parents, friends and colleagues, each one can give you a helping hand. In this way, it can diminish. They can also help you identify stressful situations before they overwhelm you. It is possible that they have already faced similar situations and provide you with useful information. Be optimistic.

When you feel the level of stress increases, try to think as positively as possible. Listen to music, watch a funny video or call a friend that makes you laugh. A positive attitude will prevent you from getting overwhelmed by stress. .

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