What is allowed and what is not after mastectomy?

What is allowed and what is not after mastectomy?
What is allowed and what is not after mastectomy?

The surgeon will discuss with the patient, giving him instructions on how to care for the areas he is operating. What else is to be careful: - Clothes. When he leaves the hospital, the patient will still have drainage tubes in the operating area. They stay fixed for at least a week or two. The patient will move his arms with difficulty, which is why he needs to wear very light, easy to wear clothes. The most recommended are buttons with buttons, such as shirts, or zippers.

It is important that they are made of soft materials. - Food. Because postoperatively, the patient may not have the necessary strength to cook. Therefore, it is advisable to make non-perishable food or stored in the freezer before the operation. Correct hydration and a balanced diet, but with supplemental intake are essential in the postoperative period.

- Medical recovery. The techniques of medical recovery consist of manual therapy and contribute to an easier convalescence. The physiotherapist will act so that the healing of the scar will occur with a functional elasticity, not to cause pain and sensation of grip. After total healing of the scar, they are light. These can be done at home.

These include turning of the arms, vertical movements from the seated position, closing and opening of the fist. Weight lifting should be avoided. - Managing emotions. It is an essential point in recovery after mastectomy. With or without reconstruction, a mastectomy is a traumatic experience.

The patient needs the support of both the close and the specialist one, in order to avoid anxiety and even. - The drive. The patient will have to restrict or even give up for a while while driving, as it is not recommended to wear the seat belt when the operation is recent. In case of emergency, additional protection, a small, soft pillow, interposed between the belt and the sensitive area. After mastectomy, one can opt for (breast prosthesis).

This surgery can be immediate when the breast is reconstructed at the same time as mastectomy, or it can be remotely when the reconstruction is performed after mastectomy, at a time. In the case of patients who have recourse to breast reconstruction, it is usually postponed until the treatment is completed. Reconstruction of the breast involves the restoration of a breast with a natural look like shape and volume. The operation has a high psycho-emotional load, resulting in increased confidence in the patient's own strengths and quality of life. .

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