What do you do when the child refuses to go to school

What do you do when the child refuses to go to school
What do you do when the child refuses to go to school

All children want to be absent from school from time to time and it is absolutely fierce to be so. But when you notice that the little one refuses to wake up every morning, crying when he is preparing for school or even on his way up there, or simply cries out of rage when you leave home, he may have a serious problem that needs to be treated . We tell you how to identify such a problem and what to do if it occurs. How do you realize that the little one has a problem with going to school and not the other way If the little one refuses to go to school, every morning you will turn into a struggle of wills. Most likely, among the manifestations you will see: Emotional episodes of crying or tantrum in all the rule Hiding through the house and refusing to come out when you call him Refuses to get out of bed when you come to wake him Please do not go . It may be related to separation anxiety, a phobia, depression, learning difficulties or social problems at school.

The refusal to go to school could begin gradually or it may happen suddenly. It can happen at the same time or after: stressful situations home school saulae family conflicts, from quarrels to separation or divorce academic problems - eg learning difficulties starting or changing schools moving to another home is aggrieved at . How to handle the child's refusal to go to school Refusing the child to go to school is a very difficult and demanding situation, but there are some practical things you can do at home to encourage your child to go to school. Be sympathetic and empathic: explain to the little one that you understand perfectly why he does not want to go to school, but assure him that you and your teacher or teacher will do their best to help him overcome the state of anxiety about walking . Talk about what needs to happen to help your child participate and feel safe and comfortable at school - not about going to school.

Tell him positive and encouraging things. For example, This will build the child's confidence in itself. Use clear words and a calm voice to let your child understand that you expect him to go to school. Rather say If the little girl sees or feels you are worried, stressed or frustrated, it can aggravate child's anxiety. Plan a calm start of the day, setting routines in the morning and evening.

You can do this by preparing one evening for those needed for school. Make sure your home is This means little or no television, video games, leisure activities, the use of the Internet and other fun stuff, and more themes, reading, writing. Helps the child stay in a reasonable sleep and wake cycle. It is very difficult for a child to get to school if he is always tired. .

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