What affections can hide night sweats

What affections can hide night sweats
What affections can hide night sweats

Specific hot flashes can also occur at night in sleep, causing abundant sweating. Often, these hot flashes are present during the day, sweating being diurnal. • Calcium and / or magnesium deficiency in children. Overnight sweating, especially if located in the head area, may indicate in infants and young children up to 4 years of age. Following a blood test set, the pediatrician will establish the diagnosis or cause of these sweating and, depending on the outcome, will recommend to the child treatment with calcium, vitamin D and possibly magnesium.

• Idiopathic hyperhidrosis. This is a condition whose cause is still unknown, but it may have the night sweats as a symptom. • Infections, viroses. Is a disease that is associated with night sweats. Also, in the case of TB, hyperhidrosis is associated with other symptoms such as strong and lasting cough, fever, increased fatigue, weight loss and.

Also, abscesses can cause such manifestations. At the same time, they can have heavy sweats during the night. • Cancer. There are some types of cancer - leukemia and lymphomas - that may be symptomatic of night sweats. For example, night sweats are accompanied by other manifestations such as weight loss, weight loss, asthenia, strong fatigue, gingival bleeding, and swelling of the lymph nodes around the neck or the inguinal area.

• Certain medicines. Some medicines that can cause night sweats, such as antidepressants, vasodilator drugs (hydralazine), hypoglycaemic (lowering blood sugar) treatments such as oral antidiabetics and insulin, but also cortisone, nitroglycerin or viagra, cause such annoyance at night. It is advisable that people who often or often suffer from this condition should go to the doctor for a set of blood tests and subsequent investigations. Thus, blood tests should include full blood counts, dosages of thyroid hormones, but also of serum uric acid. It may also be necessary to perform a pulmonary X-ray to exclude the possibility of tuberculosis.

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