Want to be happy?

Want to be happy?
Want to be happy?

Spiritual masters say one of the secrets of a happy life is the lack of expectations. On the other hand, we need to set boundaries about how, how, who we let ourselves into in our lives. Where do the borders end and where do the expectations begin? . Every time I came back, my lover was waiting for me at the airport with flowers or a small gift. After a while, we decided that we want different things in life and that it is better to go on separate roads. On my last return to the country, someone else waited at the airport.

No flowers or gifts. Without flowers or gifts was my birthday. And things stopped there. Due to unfulfilled expectations or violated borders? . \.

It links you to the past, to some learned behavior. It throws you in intercourse of the type of troc, in which, without realizing, offer something to get something in exchange hoping that you will fill your inner void. Expectations steal the joy of giving, being yourself and living in the present moment. I take power because the mood starts to depend on the fulfillment of those expectations and, implicitly, on external circumstances and other people, over whom you have no control. On the other hand, the borders give you power.

They are part of the process of self-knowledge. When you know who you are, you know what you allow in your life. This is not to shut your heart or to show compassion or understanding to other people. But you are aware that your love and respect for yourself, your soul, dictates some behavior and certain boundaries. For example, you know you will not accept in your life abusive people, situations that make you shine less, food and toxic places.

Do not rush to draw conclusions. Offering a birthday gift or flowers is a social custom and their lack does not necessarily mean a lack of respect. Your soul and intuition, as well as a sincere dialogue with the other person on this theme, will show you what reality is and you can make the right decision. .

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