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Every man needs a moment of respiration, a dream holiday in a place of story where he can forget worries. Students are always keen on these moments, but money is a problem for them, because they share time between studies and a part-time job that does not always bring much money. That's why students are trying to find the most beautiful destinations for a few days, but with minimal costs, but with memorable memories. Thus, the ZUGO team decided to find out even from Moldovan students where you can rest with little money after exhausting exams. They bought tickets to go to a cute Italian town called Treviso. I was impressed by the architecture there, the streets.

It is a small, clean and welcoming city. We stayed in some small cottages and we were shocked at how little the accommodation cost, only 46 euros. All this adventure cost me up to 200 euros. I highly recommend this city, but also others in Romania and Venice (although it is a little crowded and the smell of the city is not very nice). In Italy I was also impressed by the mountains - a true view, We went to Skiathos Island, climbed Mount Olympus.

So I recommend to young people to visit the agencies near the boarding house which tours are organized and necessarily to visit the tourist locations. There are many excursions at very affordable prices. The trip cost me 300 euros, plus other expenses, The whole week spent a week, which did not allow me to visit too many tourist places. However, I had the opportunity to go to Nessebar, a small settlement on the shore of Bulgaria, where I had an extraordinary view of the Black Sea and the port of Bulgaria. The holiday was a very beautiful one, the only obstacle encountered was the outside time, which did not allow us to enjoy the sun.

The whole trip cost me around 350 euros, including the transportation, the hotel and the small expenses that I have incurred for city trips and souvenirs. I strongly recommend this resort for rest with my friends or family, I have visited historical places in the Republic of Moldova, besides that I have been with my family at rest in Abkhazia. However, I received more pleasure from the pilgrimage that ended in the White Sea. Northern polar le, white nights, peace of mind and loved ones. The sea was cold, I was on Soloveş island, where Soloveţ monastery is.

Ten days on the road, but some beautiful days. I visited monasteries such as: Valaam, Holy Matrona, Valdai and others. It was a unique experience, on departure we visited St. Petersburg, and on the return of Moscow. The cost of this trip was around 6000 lei.

I was most impressed that in July, on Soloveţ Island, the lilac was blooming, A little expensive town that's right, but it's great to go there. We stayed for almost 2 days. It is a very beautiful place, there are five lands there and each one has a specific place. To my uncle, I saw only two and I stopped at the beach. I kindly recommend it to everyone who thinks that a little more money is worth investing in something beautiful.

I spent around a thousand euros for the whole trip because I bought a souvenir and visited several places of fun. So, those who want to invest just on vacation will certainly cost cheaper, Among those who went on holiday there are also students who benefited from the projects they participated in, which did not solve their pocket too much. I had the opportunity to travel to Turkey thanks to the Erasmus + youth exchange program, where seven countries, including Moldova. The team consists of 4 young people. The exchange of experience lasted 7 days in the city of Sakarya; moreover, the resting place where it happened was 5 minutes from the beach.

So I had time to learn, to create, but to pamper myself under the sun. After finalizing the project we went with the Moldovan team to another city, where we had a great holiday. We stayed for 3 days at the beach, but we also visited the city, and the last day I discovered Istanbul. About the expense: as the Erasmus project was only paid for airplane tickets, this money is still being reimbursed and already money for the days outside the project. Thanks to this exchange of experiences, we had a wonderful holiday, because Erasmus offers the opportunity to travel 3 days after the project, At the opening of the contest I presented the Republic of Moldova with the song of Dan Spataru Balchik is a small, but very hospitable town.

Here comes many people from Romania and from other countries. It is a very symbolic place for the Romanians. At the beginning of the twentieth century here was the summer residence of the Queen of Romania, Mary. I lived not far from the castle in Ahilea Hotel. The hotel is very comfortable, all-inclusive.

For 10 days I paid 265 euros (including travel and medical expenses). I recommend that every student and man visit this city because it is unique in its own way, .

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