The red melon, the summer trust ally

The red melon, the summer trust ally
The red melon, the summer trust ally

Beneficial for eye health High levels of vitamin A that has red watermelon helps improve vision, helping develop pigmentation of the retina. In addition, vitamin A protects against and blinding. Supports muscular and nervous system Due to its composition, based on L-citrulline, red watermelon helps to relax the capillaries. It also metabolizes arginine, which has beneficial effects for the heart and for hypertension. When we make a physical effort, the muscles store ammonia. The composition of red watermelon, rich in L-citrulline, is perfect for relaxing your muscles and getting new energy.

In addition, its content strengthens the muscular and nervous system. Protects the heart and prevents cardiovascular diseaseThe intense red color is provided by an antioxidant pigment called lycopene. According to numerous studies conducted over the years, lycopene has great heart benefits. It lowers the risk of and protects against various types of cancer. Good Detoxifying The high fiber content helps remove toxic elements in your body and cleanses the intestines.

Also, red watermelon improves sexual activity. It may seem surprising, but red watermelon, thanks to its L-citrulline compound, stimulates blood circulation in all parts of the body. Relaxes the blood vessels and is ideal for men who suffer from. It has anti-rheumatic effect. This fruit has several alkaline minerals, which makes it very suitable for patients with rheumatic problems.

Powerful anti-inflammatoryLicopen acts directly on cellular damage and, being a powerful antioxidant, fights against. In addition, another important component is cucurbitacin E, a chemical compound that reduces the activity of enzymes that cause inflammation in our body. Also, red watermelon has a high content of manganese, a mineral that also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Helps remove kidney stonesBogat in potassium, watermelon retains. Because it improves digestion and leads to the elimination of residues in the body, red watermelon regulates the level of uric acid that reaches directly to the kidneys.

Also, due to the high water content, red watermelon produces kidney stones. It strengthens the immune system. Red blood cells also have a great content that helps to strengthen the immune system and increases the healing speed of the body, but also protects it against diseases. Vitamin C also maintains high collagen levels. In addition, this vitamin protects against UVA rays and lightens the dark spots on the skin.

On the other hand, because of the high water content, red watermelon helps in a natural way. .

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