The complexion can dictate the color of your hair.

The complexion can dictate the color of your hair.
The complexion can dictate the color of your hair.

Do you want spring to bring you a new look, but also a new hair color? . Open Skin When we talk about a white skin, the hairstylist recommends darker shades of blond. People with open skin should use the nuances. You can use the blonde only if you frequently use make-up. If they are open, both the skin and the hair do not look spectacular, so you have to automatically come up with a little contrast in your image. Contrast can be achieved if you have a darker shade at the root, such as a blonde or a more vivid color such as anam.

That's why many people with open skin appeal to this trick. We are here, for example, Nicole Kidman and other open-skinned celebrities who either become blond, but not very open, or opt for a piece of wood, that's to give a little life to the face, otherwise they become too pale, Olives Cristi Pascu thinks people with olive skin need to use cold or dark colors. If they want lighter shades, they should be cool, beige or brown. More warm or cooler beans, but not reddish. Reddish tints can only be used for olive-skinned people if they come with a elaborate make-up.

Otherwise, in a few cases, the redhead looks spectacularly on an olive skin. We speak here not necessarily reddish, but all the warmer shades. In the case of people with olive skin, it would be ideal if they want open shades to choose a dark blonde blonde, a blond sandra, a beige blond and the shades to open more and more, but to a . As with black people, warm shades for this type of skin can only be adapted if they come in addition to a make-up. An eloquent example of everything about olive skin and the evolution of color is Eva Mendes.

It had all the possible and impossible colors. She is a clear representative for this type of skin, Asian guy The hairstylist also talks about the features of Asian or South American people. In these cases, we talk about styles, but also about the special products dedicated to them. In the case of those with open skin it is difficult to change the color, because it opens very hard because of the strong pigment. Then every big brand makes a special range for Asia.

In their case, as in the case of mulumers, we can not say that we have a limit, because both hair and culture allow extra bigger extravagances. We take the case of the Japanese people where they invented and all the follies, and here we are not talking about the limit of colors, and that's because fucsia, green, blue etc. Generally, for day-to-day look, for Asian people who have open skin, accentuated makeup. Thus, many colors remain in the trend. You can even see a blond yellow in their case, because they will certainly use a lot of make-up, black, smokey-eyes.

On the whole, the image is spectacular. In the case of darker Asians, the Olive Skin Rule applies, as is the case with people of Arabic or South American origin. .

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