Signs and causes of infertility

Signs and causes of infertility
Signs and causes of infertility

Among the main causes of infertility are: the defects of the fallopian tubes, the hormonal disturbances. Another very important cause that can not be interfered with is the woman's older age. Many women postpone the moment they want to become mothers, putting their careers first, and years go by their detriment, and the ovarian reserve is diminishing considerably and irreversibly. Specifically, after the age of 35, when most of the women want a child, they begin to fall steeply. Let's not forget that the ideal age at which a woman can remain pregnant without any medical problems is 25 years old. At the same time, more serious is the fact that, for example, at the age of 40, over 80% of a woman has abnormalities, which means either that they can not get a pregnancy naturally, and if they do, the risk of spontaneous abortion .

Also, in most cases, feminine infertility is the cause of ovulatory dysfunction. These are frequently caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome or primary ovarian failure, ie premenopausal menopause. For example, there are cases where it can be installed up to the age of 38. Last but not least, certain congenital abnormalities - ovarian dystrophy, double uterus or the presence of antibodies are causes of female infantility. The main factors are: age, hormonal problems, smoking, alcohol excess, stress, unhealthy diet, obesity or underweight, sexually transmitted diseases.

A lot of factors can influence stress, unhealthy eating, extreme sport or on the contrary, lack of it, smoking. It is known that smoking affects the quality and mobility of spermatozoa quite a bit. Including certain childhood conditions such as measles and rubella may leave a mark on a man's fertility. Thus, in the case of these childhood illnesses, if proper treatment has not been followed, the structure of testicle can be severely impaired, and nothing can be done about it. In conclusion, for men, the most common problems related to infertility are due to sperm, that is, they are in close contact either with or about their number.

Also, other underlying causes of male infertility are sexually transmitted diseases - Chlamysia and Gonorea infections - some congenital defects, possible traumas that occurred in the testicles, retrograde ejaculation, hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, infertility does not have symptoms, more precisely this disease is not manifested by pain, so you can have it and not be conscious of its presence. Concretely, when a couple does not succeed in one year with regular and unprotected sexual intercourse to get a pregnancy, the first signs of infertility. Only specialist physician may establish the diagnosis of male infertility, feminine or infantile infertility of both partners following investigations. .

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