Regret - the greatest fear of people

Regret - the greatest fear of people
Regret - the greatest fear of people

Many ask themselves: If today was the last day on earth, would I regret something in my life? . In the opinion of psychologist Andra Tanasescu, the fear of regret generates a paradox in the sense that we are slowing down many appetites and desires and towards the end of life we ​​will inevitably ask the same question: The fear of regret generates regrets. It's a paradox that we'll be aware of at some point. Desires in life have many, we are beings that we are enthusiastic too quickly, but our lives are sponsored by fears of fear. We are afraid of hurting or being injured, we are afraid of losing everything if we do it in a certain way, we are afraid of the consequences of our deeds, or we simply do not trust us or those around us. Fear of regret is a boomerang weapon that will make us close in ourselves and not do exactly what we want to do; .

How do we overcome this fear? . Once we discover the mysteries of that unknown, we find that fear was but an artificial, even unnecessary feeling. 1. Get rid of the safety belt of your life. In the car, the seat belt saves lives, but in our lives, the seat belt is, in most cases, a stop to doing great things.

We are afraid of the unknown, and the solution is to enter the unknown with the rescue, and when we find that the unknown is nothing wrong, we can always give up the life jacket and act freely. In their hearts, people will give up an ultra-stressful job that is physically and mentally ill, but they are afraid of the life beyond that job. They also cling to a toxic relationship because they are afraid of loneliness. If we ask ourselves more often: What can be worse than that ?, more surely we will make decisions much easier. Once this has been done, it will be easier for those people to give up the hardships of life, for they will surely know that a new beginning is not something to be scared, even the long awaited opportunity for the soul, 2.

To practice more often the courage. Courage can be an asset with which we are born, but it can at the same time be an ability we acquire. We think too much about what the world will think of us if we act in one way or the other. People see when someone strives to please them and exploit their weakness. To be happy, we need to be independent.

To be independent, we must discard what people think about us. In order to achieve this performance, we must practice the courage in the mirror daily. We have to look at us, we must study our reactions and we must learn how to be weak in certain situations. 3. Assume your decisions more determined! .

When we make a decision, to become aware of the assumed responsibility, we can look in the mirror and say I have decided this!. It is a simple but very effective way that potential regret is still undermined; . Whatever it is, whether it's about buying something, making an important change in life, or simply talking to a new person, ask yourself, is it something that can bring you something good in life? .

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