(photo) Who are the winners of the contest \

(photo) Who are the winners of the contest \
(photo) Who are the winners of the contest \

The International Photographic Exhibition Winners have been categorized by different categories and domains. The #diez team presents you in several series, all the photos awarded at this contest. In the 12th series, we will present the winning pictures in the category of # 1 place. Michael Cielo / Houston Chronicle. This ring has helped hundreds of boxers get more Olympic medals between 1968-2000. # 2 place.

Jacob Ehrbahn / Politiken He won the national championship after he beat his rival in the big final. The judges appreciated three aspects when giving the points. Diving had to be bold and spectacular, the splash (splashing) to cover a large surface and the applause to sound loud. # 3 place. Kyung Hoon Kim / Reuters.

# Hector Emanuel / Freelancer Challapampa, Puno, Peru February 28, 2017. #Alex Goodlett / Freelancer. POY is the world's oldest and most prestigious photojournalistic contest. Annually, POY rewards the best photo-journalistic projects and multimedia materials. Also, the .

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