(photo) From luxury rooms and baths to hygienic halls.

(photo) From luxury rooms and baths to hygienic halls.
(photo) From luxury rooms and baths to hygienic halls.

More and more people get behind bars. According to the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, more than 10. 35 million people worldwide are deprived of their liberty and serving their sentence in prison. Compared to 2000, the total number of women who have reached the grace increased by about 50%, while the male prison population increased by about 18%. But the penitentiary population rates vary considerably across the globe. For example, there are 698 detainees in the US per 100,000 citizens, while in Denmark the same number of citizens are only 61 detainees.

And there are even more differences. A prisoner in prison could have access to musical instruments and video games, or could fight in a small cell for a piece of toilet paper, writes boredpanda. See below a selection of photos showing how different countries treat their criminals. # Aranjuez Prison, Spain Here detainees are allowed to stay with their family, they also have specially arranged rooms. All this is done for the children to feel as little as their parent behind bars.

# Prison Luzira, Uganda Here detainees assume responsibility for maintaining the harmony and functionality of the units they live in, including raising and harvesting food, preparing and distributing it in prison. Learning is encouraged, many people learn and teach carpentry to others. # Bastøy Prison, Norway For this prison is used an entire island and it is organized as a local community with about 80 buildings, roads, beach areas, cultural landscape, football field, agricultural land and forests. There is also a store, library, information office, health services, church, school, governmental social services, doc, ferry (with shipping agency) and a headlamp with facilities for renting meeting spaces and smaller seminars. # San Diego Prison, Columnia The inmates of the women's prison in San Diego in Cartagena receive a taste of freedom each evening while turning into chefs and waitresses of a colorful open restaurant on a terrace inside the penitentiary.

# Halden Prison, Norway Halden Prison is a High Security Prison in Halden, Norway. It has three main units and receives prisoners from all over the world, but it does not have conventional security devices. The second largest prison in Norway was set up in 2010, with a focus on rehabilitation. Its design simulates life outside the prison. Here, prisoners can practice music, sport, they also interact with unarmed personnel to create a sense of community.

# Prisoner Detainees are supervised 24 hours a day. In this prison are sent the most brutal criminals, including serial killers, cannibals and terrorists. The only way to escape is through death. # Prison in El Salvador These cells are only 12 meters wide and 15 meters tall but usually more than 30 people. Originally built to serve as 72-hour holding cells, but many inmates stay for more than a year in them.

Most of the days in prison I spend by making their own hammock clothes sleeping on each other. # Prisoners in the Philippines CPDRC is a maximum security prison where prisoners perform dance classes as part of their daily exercise and rehabilitation, and many of their shows are filmed and launched online, making them a popular feature among fans and true celebrities on . # Muala Penitentiary, Malawi The Maula Penitentiary in Lilongwe, Malawi, is very crowded. In 2015, nearly 200 people were crammed into a cell of 60 people. Prisoners there, many of whom are Ethiopian migrants, have to divide a toilet for 120 people and a tap for 900 people.

Detainees are fed only once a day, due to the small budget of the Malayan government. One of the most important moments for detainees is sport. Men are allowed to play football, and women can play basketball. # Haiti Prison Prison in Haiti is overcrowded. In 2016, 174 detainees escaped during a revolt that left a dead guard and others injured.

# Evin Prison, Iran Although the Iranian regime has continually denied this, Evin Prison is known as a virtual torture factory. Due to the number of intellectuals imprisoned inside his walls, the prison was nicknamed Prison is extremely overcrowded, hygiene is poor, and temperature can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. There is no form of air conditioning, and the air in the cell has the smell of sweat and human waste. The quality of the water is bad and the edible food comes in very small portions. Medical institutions are virtually non-existent.

Contact with the outside world is completely cut off. Family visits and phone calls are forbidden, and even guardians are ordered to keep quiet. # El Buen Pastor, Colombia Women's Prison El Buen Pastor of Bogota, Colombia, contains cells that were designed to accommodate 2 detainees, but now live between 10 and 20 women. Corruption and violence are prominent among detainees. Despite the harsh conditions, El Buen Pastor is making attempts to humanize his detainees by organizing an annual beauty contest.


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