(photo) Earrings, bracelets and rings.

(photo) Earrings, bracelets and rings.
(photo) Earrings, bracelets and rings.

The old computer parts gain new life in the workshop of Caroline Portarrescu, a young woman from the town of Orhei. It produces earrings, bracelets and rings from computer schemes and boards, and the merchandise sells it not only in the country but also abroad. And because her work is extremely meticulous, I am of great use to the tools he has acquired from a grant from the European Union. Carolina has been making jewels since remembering, but has not thought of having a business in this area. So she made a faculty of philology in Romania, and after graduation she worked English translators. However, the passion for hand-made things defeated when she was on maternity leave with her first child.

I polished the surface of the nut with a tool I found in my father's garage, rounded and colored, and what resulted was a brooch, The first success gave her courage, so Carolina continued to make jewelry more and more sophisticated. A few years away, she came to use computer-aided graphics and boards - materials that no craftsman craftsman in our country still uses to make jewelery. The idea came when he found some plates in his brother's shop. I have been associated with a city seen from space The solution found it all in Dad's garage. She was determined to turn them into jewels, but she did not know how to cut the pieces of metal so they could give them the desired shape.

The biggest problem was that she had no tools, and the solution found her all in her father's garage, trying to work with two angled grinders. It lasted for months to learn how to cut boards, and the challenge was that he never knew whether or not he would get the result he was expecting. Later he collected money to buy a professional tool, but it turned out to be counterfeit. The chance to have a workshop endowed with modern tools came from the EU-funded And if the hand-made business was born with the first child, the reorganization took place while on maternity leave with the second daughter. In order to get the grant, she enrolled in a competition with the participation of hundreds of young people from both sides of the Dniester.

Carolina is convinced that she has managed to win because she has an unusual business, but also a well-grounded business plan. With the money obtained, over 100 thousand lei, he bought a whole arsenal of tools, 13 in number, but also staples, accessories, all sorts of cut, polished and bored blades. The English made a real passion for the Caroline New Instrumentary's creations, but also the knowledge they gained in the project-based training allowed them to develop their business considerably. Thus, the time in which a jewelery is made is reduced, and the production volume has steadily increased. Now the entrepreneur sells his goods not only in the country but also abroad.

Her creations have already reached the US and Denmark. Most fans, however, have them in the UK, from where many orders come from. And much of the raw material also gets it from those who appreciate its creations, but also from people who care about the environment and do not know any other way to recycle old computers. In the future, he wants to expand his business to open an electronic waste collection point, including transport to special recycling points. Currently, Carolina produces not only jewelery but also purses, key rings, bookmarks and many other objects of different shapes and colors.

Besides, the young woman also has a business in the field of organic cosmetics. Carolina Port─ârescu is one of the over 70 young people on both banks of the Dniester River who obtained European grants worth up to 13. 500 euros to create or develop a business. Moreover, young people also benefited from the services of personal consultants who, for 14 months, helped them manage their business more efficiently. The EU-funded program .

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