Natural remedies for tired and red eyes

Natural remedies for tired and red eyes
Natural remedies for tired and red eyes

Our eyes betray our emotions, fears, sadness, remain our true business card. Our eyes are the first to lie when we are tired, when we sit for hours in front of the computer, when we smoke too much or do not sleep enough. Therefore, they need special care. '' The pale eyelid color, which originally occurs at fatigue or when we are ill, becomes permanent and darkens. They are seen earlier in those with transparent, white and thin skin, but are due to local urge problems. More fragile vessels lose hemoglobin in tissue.

It is oxidized in hemosiderin which gives the brown color and is seen through the transparency of the skin. The intensity of color increases in those who do not drink enough fluids, which do not consume fresh fruit and vegetables that smoke a lot and that stay in steam or extreme temperatures, Generally, the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, and the first wrinkles, swellings, wrinkles or fine lines of dehydration. Also, tired, swollen or red eyes may be unsightly and may make you look older than you are in reality. To prevent this process, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and take some tips: Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night! . Drink plenty of water! .

A properly hydrated body reduces swelling and redness of the eyes. Do not smoke! . By removing smoke, you will allow your eyes to regain natural color and hydration. Less alcohol and caffeine. They lead to dehydration, causing swelling and redness of the eyes.

Consume vegetables such as parsley, spinach, peas, broccoli, carrots and other foods rich in vitamin K because it protects and strengthens the walls of the capillary vessels. Here's what you can do for the beauty of your eyes! . Apply two thin slices of fresh cucumber to your eyes for 10 minutes. Cucumbers are rich in water that, once transferred to the skin, will help to hydrate the eye area and reduce eye inflammation. Tea bags, a valid remedy against swollen eyes.

Put two moist sachets in the freezer for a few minutes. Applied to the eye area, they have a rapid vasoconstrictor effect and help to darken the eyebrows. The most suitable are the camomile, blue and green tea, Two cold spoonfuls. Put two tablespoons of metal in the freezer. The following morning, place them with the concave part on the eye.

You will feel a strong cold, so you will keep them on your eyelids just as long as you wear them. You can repeat the procedure after a small pause. The blood flow will be increased and any inflammation of the eye will be reduced. Care products should also contain: vitamins K, A, C and E, extracts of Ginkgo Biloba or aloe vera, extreme beneficial ingredients for eye area. .

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