Methods of reducing temperature without air conditioning

Methods of reducing temperature without air conditioning
Methods of reducing temperature without air conditioning

Research has not accurately determined the influence of air conditioning on disease development, but it may aggravate pre-existing conditions. Studies show, for example, that people who work in constantly ventilated air-conditioned environments may experience symptoms of headaches and irritations of the nasal mucosa, which may make them more vulnerable to colds and other related conditions. Prolonged exposure to air can damage the skin, causing it to lose its moisture and becoming dry. Also, air conditioning may decrease, increase the symptoms of arthritis, and if the air conditioner filters are not cleaned periodically and thoroughly, it can expose you to bacteria and microorganisms that can cause different. Air conditioning also creates an inability of the body to manage heat, making it less tolerant to high summer temperatures and thus increasing the risk of potential health problems when exposed to heat after spending more time in a . Hydration - The simplest way to reduce body temperature is to drink as many liquids as possible.

Fan - An easy solution is to use a room fan to cool off immediately; . You can also place a large ice container in front of the fan. The ventilated air will then come in contact with the ice and cool the room. Clothes - wearing lightweight clothing, made of natural materials, that let the skin breathe. Close electronic equipment - any light source, such as incandescent bulbs, releases heat.

Laptops, or DVD players also emit heat. Remove them from the socket as long as you are away from home. The Egyptian method - the ancient Egyptians did not have air conditioning, but they had; . As the water evaporates, their bodies cool and relax. You can also try this method or its variants, such as the use of wet compresses stored in the refrigerator, which you put on your wrists before bed.

Sleep down - the heat rises, so if you stay as close as possible to the ground, it will be cooler. You can move the mattress on the floor if it seems to be so cool. Seeks the house from the sun's rays - Blows the house early in the morning or at night. Draw shutters or curtains to keep the sun's rays from entering the house. .

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