Love is your magic power.

Love is your magic power.
Love is your magic power.

In the fifth episode of The Live. Smile. Love I want to remind you that LOVE is your magic power, it's your state of being. Use it and you will live in harmony with yourself and the Universe! . . .

love fades. Before giving the play below, I will tell you a short story about two wolves - one white and one gray. It is said that an old man had two wolves, one white and one gray. She was asked who would think she would grow bigger. She answered - the one I will feed.

The white wolf was love. The gray wolf was afraid. When you feed one, you can not nourish the other. Our limiting beliefs, painful childhood incidents, the image of a harsh and dangerous world designed by the mass media program us to nourish at the subconscious level the gray wolf. But we can stop at any time.

We can free the gray wolf in the woods. We can thank them for having endeavored to keep us safe. We can decide to remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings with a human experience, emotionally healing and living in love. At that moment, our whole life is changing. As soon as you choose love, love chooses you.

Love is not something that hits you, something that's happening to you, what's in heaven. Love - in its pure, unconditional, generous condition, the dishes are already inside you and are waiting to rediscover it and express it. Here's a statement to help: I'm love. I live in love. I choose love.

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