How true is your partner?

How true is your partner?
How true is your partner?

Do you want to know if your partner has a predisposition to cheating on you? . Although there is no tried and true formula to determine whether or not someone has a tendency toward infidelity, research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior indicates that the face shape could provide valuable indices. Even so, you read well. The researchers found that men have a higher ratio between the width and height of the face, have a higher sexual appetite and, implicitly, a tendency to have more partners to be able to satisfy. indoor photo and front page: conrado ShutterstockThe researchers used different studies to reach this conclusion. In the first of these, they had a total of 145 heterosexual students (60 men and 76 women) who completed a questionnaire on their sexual appetite.

The researchers also measured the girls' dimensions using photos. In the second experiment, the researchers used a larger number of people, with a total of 314 volunteers, of which 43% were men. The scientists measured the ratio of the width and height of the girls, asked them questions about their sex life and asked them to answer complex questionnaires that evaluated their attitude and likelihood of infidelity. They found that men whose height and width of the face were high, were more prone to atrocious attitudes. Obviously, not all men whose face enters this pattern will deceive.

A 2010 study by Binghamton University found that if a person, male or female, has the DRD4 gene - or the \. Regardless of the genes or the shape of the face, we always have the free choice that allows us to make a choice. Moreover, we are endowed with intuition, a wonderful compass with which we are born, who warns us when something is wrong and helps us to find the right way in our lives every moment. .

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