Helpful solutions for moisturized skin in winter

Helpful solutions for moisturized skin in winter
Helpful solutions for moisturized skin in winter

• Moisturize the skin whenever you get out of the shower. Use a body fat cream or body based butter. Also, remember to protect your skin. For body lotion to work and be absorbed, it is advisable to exfoliate your skin once a week to remove the superficial layer of \. In this regard, use either a commodity product as long as it is a soft one, but if you prefer a more natural approach, try the scrub with honey, honey and yoghurt, or almond flour and sesame oil. • Winter is recommended to avoid prolonged and hot baths and bath salts because they dissolve the fatty layer of the skin.

• Moisturizing masks for the skin. The skin gets in direct contact with the wind, so it needs extra care. That's why a moisturizing mask can help keep moisture easier and fight against dryness. The mask can be bought from the pharmacy or you can even prepare it in the house. Thus, a mask of bananas and sour cream, applied once or twice a week, will keep the skin elastic and velvety, thus preventing wrinkles.

• Lip Balm. Including need of increased care, if you do not want them cracked. In this sense it is advisable to use whenever you leave the house a moisturizing conditioner. • Sun protection creams. Do not forget that winter the sun can be more dangerous than in the summer.

Therefore, it is good that before you leave your home use a cream containing or even the foundation to have this protection included. • Liquid consumption is mandatory. Hydration remains the main rule in the cold season for skin freshness. Make sure you drink at least 2 liters per day. • Choose skin care products according to your age and skin type.

The skin, which is dry anyway, will need extra attention, but the choice of products should be done according to well-established criteria, especially since the cosmetics market has recently offered a wide range of products, some not so healthy for the skin. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, it is advisable to consider either the advice of a pharmacist or the one who can teach you how to keep the beauty of your skin over the years. • Hand care is very important, so wearing gloves every time you go out, and after you wash your hands you need to apply a moisturizing cream. .

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