Full magnetic resonance scanning can save lives

Full magnetic resonance scanning can save lives
Full magnetic resonance scanning can save lives

Recent World Health Organization statistics are extremely worrying: 8 million people die annually from cancer, and one of the causes of this serious condition is the detection of advanced disease. Also, lung cancer is also common because of smoking. Diagnosis often and breast cancers, but their incidence is constant at this time. Cervical cancer is decreasing due to screening programs and regular check-ups for women. If we refer to Romania, in many situations, cancers are very aggressive because usually the sick come to the doctor when the disease is already advanced, Oz Er, a specialist oncologist. Under these umstances, World Health Forum recommendations aim at early detection of the disease that provides maximum healing chances.

One of the most effective methods for detecting malignant tumors is full body scanning through MRI. It has multiple benefits for anyone who wants accurate health information. Body scanning does not involve irradiation, it does not hurt, it provides high-precision imaging of various organs and systems and is especially recommended for patients who have experienced malignancy in the family. Through an MRI scan for the whole body, very detailed images are obtained, so that many things can be observed that are not radiologically detected or by other tests such as an ultrasound. Sedentarism is another Under these conditions, a full magnetic resonance scan is recommended for all those who sit long, just drive or sport very rarely.

The first magnetic resonance device was used in the world in 1980, and since then, millions have turned to this extremely safe investigation. At present, devices use highly performing software that allows full body scanning in just 45 minutes.

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