Factors that cause meteor sensitivity

Factors that cause meteor sensitivity
Factors that cause meteor sensitivity

• Headaches • Dizziness • Feeling weak • Irritability • Excessive • Blood pressure increases, palpitations, choking and weight on the chest • Rheumatic pains become hard to bear. Extreme temperatures, for example, excessive cold or chills, cause some latent illnesses that some people suffer from, such cases occurring especially in the elderly. As a rule, in young people, the impact of weather changes may go unnoticed, causing no physical or mental imbalance. Thus, sudden temperature variations may increase discomfort, especially in those with circulatory, respiratory and infectious diseases. Studies say that, for example, crises are more common after sudden cooling or warming. Blood hemoglobin also grows on cold winter days.

Worries, dizziness caused by may occur in days with higher atmospheric pressure. Low atmospheric pressure may increase blood pressure. are quite common in rainy, cold and foggy days. Also, a wet atmosphere accentuates bones and joint pains, and low atmospheric pressure causes headaches and changes in blood pressure. A cloudy sky can cause headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and anxiety.

In such situations, it is good to keep your calm and not panic. You can call the calming tea or seek to relax with a good book or relaxing bath. At the same time there are studies that say that among the herbs, treatment with sunburn is helpful in such situations. Therefore, those who have problems due to the weather can appeal to the tea because the plant leads to a positive psychological tone, voices and optimism. To obtain a St.

John's wort infusion, add a cup of boiled water over a teaspoon of dry and crushed plant. .

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