Churches in Chişinău where you can find the best artisan ice cream, part II

Churches in Chişinău where you can find the best artisan ice cream, part II
Churches in Chişinău where you can find the best artisan ice cream, part II

The cafes and restaurants in the capital give us more and more pleasant experiences according to the delicacies of the season. Thus, in this article, we also present you the second part of the selection made by madein. md about the places in Chisinau that make their own craftsmanship ice cream. Morimoto Photo Credit: madein. md Fantasy play and experiments have led Morimoto to offer unusual iceberg or salmon flavor. For those who order a salmon steak, the chef of the restaurant completes it with ice cream.

At first glance, this is no different from what we are accustomed to, but once you taste it, you realize that you eat something unusual. Motiko Photo Credit: madein. md La Motiko creates traditional Japanese desserts for almost a year, including crafted ice cream. Here we find pistachios ice cream and melon sorbet, watermelon, peach, green apple, orange and grapefruit. All are made of natural ingredients.

Even though the idea of ​​desserts here has Japanese roots, the recipe of ice cream and its cooking technique are similar to Italian gelatin. All the ice creams here are delicious and special, but the most demanded is pistachios, even if it is more expensive - 139 lei for 400 gr. If you like sorbets, know that for them you will have to pay 89 lei for 400 gr. Morpho-Fabulous Desserts Macarons Starting from the production of macaroni desserts, the restaurant's chefs decided to make and ice cream of this kind. Fruit of the forest, melon, peach, coffee, pistachio, banana, snickers, bitterness - are the sweet and savory tastes you can find here.

With only 32 lei you can buy ice-cream sandwich macarons Photo Credit: madein. md Mi Piace Ristorante Pizzeria Photo Credit: madein. md Here you can find white ice cream, chocolate, caramel, pistachios and hazelnuts, but also sorbet of mango, berries, strawberries, currants, lemon. From the more special desserts we can mention sorbet with lemon and sponge or tonic gin. A 3-balls of 100 gr, costs 50 lei.

Also, if the customer of the restaurant can not decide, he can taste the dessert before choosing him. Rosa Cremosa Photo Credit: madein. md Rosa Cremosa is a producer whose frost-making method reminds of the Thai one. Look at her how to do, then eat it with a lust. La Dolce Italia Photo Credit: madein.

md The site produces water-based milk-based ice cream that is suitable for those with lactose intolerance and hypocaloric ice cream for diabetics. They have a wide range of tastes: pistachios, peanuts, Greek walnuts, black chocolate, cocoa, white ice cream with various jams, candied fruits, strawberries, berries, blackberries, blueberries, melons etc. At the consumer's request, they can be seasoned with fresh fruit. The price is 235 lei for one kg and only 19 lei for one ice-cream. The manufacturer also calls it live ice cream because of its 30-day low shelf-life.

Ciao Cacao Photo Credit: madein. md The ice cream that can be found at Andy's Pizza, Plateau and MallDova, with various tastes and flavors: stracciatella, cheesecake, mascarpone, cookies, mint, tiramisu etc. It is sold both in the glass and in the crowns. Delice d'Ange Photo Credit: Facebook / Delice d'Ange And the Delice d'Ange Cafe offers its guests ice cream. .

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