Anisia Zmeu, about her passion for handmade jewelery: \

Anisia Zmeu, about her passion for handmade jewelery: \
Anisia Zmeu, about her passion for handmade jewelery: \

Anisia Zmeu is 18 years old and is a pupil at the At leisure Anisia makes handmade jewelry. The young woman has a special passion for handmade jewelery. Love for handmade things comes from childhood, when mother made voilets, jewelery, various accessories for shoes and bags. So she decided to try it too. Mostly he liked to work with the sculptor and after the first embroidered icon he began to look for ways to create things with this material. Anisia quickly learned this occupation and turned it into a true art.

Perseverance and patience are the two qualities that define it. The young woman says that what she does is a very migratory thing that requires a lot of attention. But the small pieces he makes bring him the greatest pleasure, makes her relax and forget about the problems. On average, it takes a day to make a jewel, depending on its size. To the question: How many pairs of earrings do you have at home, the young woman could not give us an answer because she no longer knows.

Anisia does not use precious stones or expensive materials to add value to its creations, instead emphasizes originality. Try to make jewelry as unique and unique and prefer the stylish, gothic and extravagant style. Because of the lack of time, Anisia runs these jewels for her and her close relatives. In the future, it is not excluded that the craftsmanship sell its work and make it to order. She encourages others to do what she does: Do not forget that everything is received with great patience and do not give up even if you are not received from the beginning .

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