All you need to know about hernia disk

All you need to know about hernia disk
All you need to know about hernia disk

Disc is most often the result of a gradual use of aging, called. As a person advances, the discs lose some of their liquid. This makes them less flexible and more prone to cracking or tearing, even from a small movement or twist. The predisposition towards, the prolonged state of the chair, the increased effort after a longer period of rest, the rise of the wrong weight, but also the spine trauma are among the causes of the herniated disc. The weight. causes additional stress on the lower back disks.

Occupation. People with intensive physical work experience greater risk of developing problems in the spine. Lifting, pulling or pushing up weights, repetitive movements or lateral bending and twisting may increase the risk of hernia. genetics. Some people inherit a predisposition to develop a herniated disc.

Symptoms of the hernia disc vary depending on the area in which it occurs. In the case of lumbar disc herniation, pain occurs in the thighs, buttocks, which can radiate to the chest under the knee. Pain can be accompanied by numbness and numbness in the limbs and affected areas. In the case, the pain is manifested especially in the shoulders and the arms. There are pains in the region of the neck, with the impossibility to return the head to make sudden movements.

Pain may be accompanied by tingling, feeling of a general weakness. In both situations, the pain is continuous and not pulsating. The treatment of the herniated disc should not be postponed because the pains gave up at some point. Lack of treatment can lead to worsening of the situation, with chronic pain or permanent lesions that affect mobility. Physiotherapy and are the most common methods of treating herniated disc.

In severe cases, when pain persists even after 5-6 weeks of alternative treatment, use surgery. The operation consists in removing the disk fragments or even the entire herniated disc that compresses the spinal nerves. .

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