African swine fever is transmitted to humans?

African swine fever is transmitted to humans?
African swine fever is transmitted to humans?

The pathogen is very stable and can remain infectious in food over several months. If uninfected animals feed on contaminated food or food, the virus can spread. Although the African swine fever virus does not pose a danger or a risk to humans, the meat of domestic and domestic swine must always be prepared under increased hygiene conditions and at very high temperatures as it may contain other pathogens. also occurs through contact with spaces, vehicles, clothing or equipment contaminated, but also through biological vectors - a tick species. Virus sources are the blood, tissues, secretions and excretions of diseased and dead animals, bearers and ticks. In free African swine fever countries, prevention can be done by controlling imports and neutralizing food waste from aircraft / ships arriving from countries where the virus has been reported.

Until now, no vaccine has been discovered to combat this virus. The control is done by sacrificing all pigs and destroying corpses and garbage, cleaning and contaminated area and controlling pig movement, as well as epidemiological research (tracking the sources and possible spread of the infection). PPA has very rapid spread potential, with serious consequences on socio-economic status and is of major importance in international trade in animals and animal products. PPA is not transmitted to the omPesta African swine, which is currently occurring in Eastern Europe, including in our country, does not pose a danger to. The pathogen of PPA can not be transmitted to humans, so there is no health risk for those who come into direct contact with diseased animals or who consume food produced from meat from domesticated or infected swine.


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