Afflictions that can be caused by using gadgets among children

Afflictions that can be caused by using gadgets among children
Afflictions that can be caused by using gadgets among children

Excessive use of these electronic tools can make a child less sociable, less and less likely to be in school, and only be interested in virtual life, phone games, tablet, computer games. In addition, the baby will become, and addiction can only be treated with the help of the psychotherapist. The mobile phone can even create addiction, and if the parent forbids the child from using it, the child can cry and become aggressive. Using this device without limitation leads to installation but also to insomnia. Children who dropped out of classical games when spending time outdoors in favor of online games will develop harder cognitive skills. Radiation caused by the mobile phone can affect the human brain.

Moreover, many studies claim that gadgets can also cause a \. The mobile phone also affects the child's memory, so it's best to use headphones or Bluetooth devices to avoid proximity to the headset. Your mobile phone is coming up. Thus, if it is kept in the bedroom, on the bedside, it can lead to insomnia. The use of the computer for a long time by the child can result in a number of spine disorders: scoliosis, phagocytes,.

Moreover, the desk where the computer is seated must be wide enough to allow the keyboard to be positioned further from the edge of the keyboard so that the child has a support for the arms. Otherwise, the little one may face time with. Also, the use of gadgets can cause over-vision. The optimal distance we need to keep from the computer monitor is 50-60 centimeters, and the view must fall to an angle of 30 degrees below the perpendicular, because only this way the eye is the least requested. Also, if the monitor is set to light, the phenomenon of blindness may occur, because the light is reflected in the monitor.

It is recommended that light come either from the left or right, and for children, it is best for the parent to purchase a liquid crystal monitor that does not reflect the light. At the same time, the state for a long time in front of your computer or laptop can cause it. A child who already has the diagnosis of myopia and who is sitting at the computer without limits well established by the parents is likely to develop problems related to the increase and worsening of myopia. In this case, it is useful to make small breaks from monitor light. Last but not least, the light of the gadgets that the child has at his disposal and which he uses daily increases and accentuates the presence of refractive vices.

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