6 things that show you suffer from depression

6 things that show you suffer from depression
6 things that show you suffer from depression

Depression is not a fad, as you would be tempted to think, but a serious illness that can have the most serious consequences on your health, well-being and even our lives. If you're the hard-working, hard-working, but not crying, Of course, if you have the known symptoms of this disease you will know what this is all about, but these less common things that happen to you lately and are repeated, should send you to the psychologist. Here are six of the signs that tell you that you suffer from depression: You are angry with any Yes, you recognize that you are not the calmest person in the world, but lately you are going to the most insignificant things done by someone in your family, office colleagues or . Excessive agitation and which, in particular, does not characterize you is a sign of depression, a symptom valid for both children and adults. You're starting to get up very early Depression makes most women sleep very much, that's what all studies say. Just, it's also a sign of depression and the decrease in sleep hours.

If you needed three alarms and 4 phone calls from friends and family to manage to wake up during the week at 8am, and suddenly you started watching the walls at 4am and the number of sheep, the boring documentaries . Your hobbies do not like you anymore No one says you're depressed if you've lost interest after two weeks of salsa training, but if you loved to cook now, if you just do an omelette and that's just because you know . The explanation is simple: when you are depressed you have neither the motivation nor the interest to do the things you liked. And even if you pull yourself to do them, there is no joy in them. You are socially addicted Yes, you have not been alien to Facebook and Instagram, but now you do nothing but give yourself referesh and scroll obsessively to feeds on social networks.

According to psychologists, this type of manifestation is common to depressed women and aims at ignoring the causes that have caused depression. It's a distraction that gives you a little adrenaline when you get a comment or likes about what you post on the wall. This type of activity will lead to chronic fatigue, because you can not stay permanently connected to that level without major nervous consumption. You have terrible back pain Depression can cause serious back pain in the lumbar region and the more severe depression, the greater the pain. Experts believe depression causes additional nervous sensitivity, which is the cause of pain.

At the same time, back pain affects your quality of life or limits your ability to act, which can easily depress your depression, so you will end up in a vicious le from which you will not be able to go without help. You suddenly became very indecisive And before you stood an hour to choose what you wear in the morning and that does not mean you suffer from depression, but if you can not easily decide anything about it, it is a symptom of depression. The feeling of lack of trust and hope, or if you always expect to happen what is worse, plays an important role in depression, according to specialists. And what's worse, when they make a decision, people with depression usually take a damaging one (think about alcohol, labor-free and unprotected sex).

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