5 recipes for hair detox

5 recipes for hair detox
5 recipes for hair detox

Do you want a rich, volume-rich, healthy hair? . It's a bit more blasphemous concept than expression as a procedure, because it does not involve complex methods with certain special cures, as with detox for the body, Capsule detox detox is applied to active people, who do a lot of sports, go to the pool or those who use all sorts of chemicals or substances in everyday life. Equally affected are the ladies who submit their hair to chemical treatments, such as excessive straightening, fading and repeated painting, The hairstylist recommends the following hair detox methods, easy to do at home, but that professional treatments can only be followed at the salon with the hairstylist. In-depth cleansing shampoo As a professional solution, a person with aggressive hair has to follow a treatment that includes the shampoo, which has the role of deep cleansing. Subsequently, we apply a non-curler that closes the cuticle and leaves the hair hollow on the inside without heavy metals or chemicals. Only after this procedure hair can be treated and you can expect to respond to subsequent treatments.

Salt Shampoo We can make hair detox by mixing two teaspoons of sea salt with moisturizing shampoo. We mix the contents until the salt dissolves, and then apply to the pre-cleaned hair. Rinse with cold water. You will thus get rid of all impurities and dead cells. You can use this treatment once a month.

Honey Shampoo Shake a teaspoon of honey with three spoonfuls of filtered water and apply the paste to the hair. Massage the scalp, rinse with warm water. Honey shampoo is a hair curler and can be used for even a few weeks. Throughout this period, hair will remove the chemical substances of regular shampoos and honey will make it soft and hydrated. Apple vinegar Detox with apple vinegar can be made once a week or once every two weeks.

We mix a quarter of a cup of apple vinegar with two cups of water, and the mixture pours on your hair, after you have washed it. Apple vinegar cleanses the hair in depth and removes chemicals. Bicarbonate Detox Sodium bicarbonate works wonders in the case of hair affected by chemicals. Mix half a teaspoon of bicarbonate with three cups of water. We apply the hair and apply the solution, deepening the hair.

Bicarbonate water removes oils, chemicals, dandruff, leaves scalp and clean hair. This procedure can be used once every two weeks. .

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