5 Lessons we have to learn to find true love

5 Lessons we have to learn to find true love
5 Lessons we have to learn to find true love

When you think of love, you think about candy, flowers and big bangs, but the story and the really important lessons of love are often ignored. photo interior and front page: Miriama Taneckova, Shutterstock In ancient mythology, the cute boy with wings, having a bow and arrow, Cupid, was the Roman god of desire, affection and attraction. Today, we associate Cupid with romantic love. But here are some lessons of life about the true nature of love offered by Cupid himself: 1. Keep your heart open to truly love In all the classic stories of love, Cupid shoots and hits people inappropriate with the arrow of love, which determines the uncontrollable desire for the subject of affection. From Cupid's actions, we can learn that we never know when we can love again; .

No matter how many times you have been injured in the past, do not forget to keep your heart open. 2. Love as an Innocent ChildBecause Cupid is a boy, he has no obstacle to love and turns his arrow to anyone who thinks he could benefit from the spell of love. While he is sometimes seen as a disobedient boy who turns love into a game, for him love continues to be a pure, baby feeling. He shows us that we can see love in an innocent and playful way, without suffering or taking advantage of others.

3. Love even when you sufferIf you feel that you are injured in love, it does not allow evil to turn over the others. Help him, instead, move away from your soul and find more consolation in this way than seeking revenge. Power is with you, it loves you even when you suffer. 4.

Love with passionAtat in both ancient and modern interpretations, Cupid is on a dolphin, and this visual has several implications. A mosaic in the UK shows many animals that come out of the mouth of the Neptune God, turning into Cupid finally. Some believe that Neptune is the origin of the soul, and Cupid demonstrates the ultimate destination of the soul. Others say the image in which Cupid is riding on a dolphin expresses how fast love comes and goes and how wild this journey can be. 5.

Do not become lazy in loveIn poetry and renaissance art, Sleeping Cupid has become a popular symbol of weakness, lethargic love. Perhaps some artists of that time believed that people do not work too much in love, let the routine intervene. This still applies to our modern world. Do not become lazy in love; . .

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