3 questions to ask before entering into a relationship

3 questions to ask before entering into a relationship
3 questions to ask before entering into a relationship

photo: frankie's, ShutterstockWe do not want to be in a relationship because we have seen it in family or in movies, so I read in books and I heard in songs. And because, after all, in relationships we learn the most precious lessons of life. And still in the couple, we get wings. Or, on the contrary, we have the feeling of crushing ourselves. Walking with someone on the wet pavement from the rain, under the lights of the feast is great. It's even more wonderful when you do it next to the right man for you.

Here are three questions to ask before declare in the Universe that you want it in your life. How do I get ready? Ask yourself this question about different aspects of your life. Is your heart prepared? . Being prepared means allowing someone to enter your life not because you feel alone and because you want to be with that person and give it your love. Being ready is to live a joyful life full of joy even when you are not in a couple.

If you are looking for a life partner just to fill the void in your life, then you are not ready yet. You are only ready when you do not need another person to be happy. Your happiness is your responsibility and you can not create a happy relationship unless you are really happy with you. Only then will you attract a happy partner and you can create a relationship together. We set healthy borders? Unconditional love does not rule out the setting of healthy borders.

These allow you to focus on the aspects of your life that really matter. Thus, you protect your values, spiritual beliefs, health and other things that are essential to you. It also helps your partner to know where he / she is in relation to you and not to create false expectations. What do I want from a relationship? Having a clear list of things you want in a relationship prevents you from having unrealistic expectations. Think of the guy you want to share your life with.

What qualities does it have? . Do you have needs that make you angry when not fulfilled? Write the answers to the questions above in your diary. to clarify the type of relationship you want to create. This will avoid unnecessary upsets and loss of precious time. .

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