15 perfect hairstyles for the beach

15 perfect hairstyles for the beach
15 perfect hairstyles for the beach

Because summer, high temperatures and sea sand do not have to spoil your creativity when it comes to beach hairstyles, ZUGO, helped by the eve. Ro, has prepared some suggestions for you. The shitty cock. Do you know the type of tall cob that you do before going under the shower when you do not want to get wet on your hair? . Not only does it protect your hair from salt water, chlorine water in the pool and ultraviolet rays, but it's a trendy style. The bulky, dazed looking balls have been on the trend for several years.

The hair caught with the scarf. A beautifully colored scarf becomes a perfect accessory for the beach hairstyle. Protects your hair and head from UV and heat rays, but also helps you create an interesting hairstyle with a retro retro chic. Two braided tails. Known as the It's an effective way to get your hair perfectly so it does not keep you warm or get tangled when you swim.

Boho wigs. As the name says, they are inspired by the lean and romantic bohemian style. Thin braided tails fit nicely with the light and natural loops you usually get after you dry your hair with saltwater. Half caught, half free. This is a top hairstyle in this year's trends.

You can do it in minutes, being very simple, but effective. Grab hair from the crown area into a thin tail and leave the rest of the hair free. The caught part can be braided for a romantic and feminine look, but you can twist it in a hat, thus getting hairstyles in summer trends. Easily braided queue of fish. Another braid that fits wonderfully with the days spent at the beach is the fish tail.

It helps to get a romantic look, but also to protect your hair from the sun. After weaving your hair in this style, gently pull the edges of the tail and use a thin tail of comb to enlarge it. You will increase your volume this way, and your hair will look more often. Below, in the photo gallery, you can admire another 10 ideal hairstyle ideas for the beach, whether you do it at sea or at the pool! . .

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