12 tricks to get healthy

12 tricks to get healthy
12 tricks to get healthy

In the book The Goddesses remain young forever, gynecologist Christiane Northrup offers some tips to keep breasts healthy for a long time. Touch your breasts with love, regularly When you touch your breasts you send the energy of your heart. It is known that even from the embryonic period, the tissues of the hand are connected with those that will form the heart. Breast massage will increase the lymph and blood flow to these tissues by bringing them oxygen and nutrients. Make this shower massage every day, unless you're diagnosed with cancer. Recognize and express your feelings.

Be aware when you want to avoid the truth. Do it for the other person to feel good, taking care of her feelings from yours? . Walk with your free breasts Make sure you can not have your bra all day, much less at night. If you have daughters or granddaughters, teach them that health is good for your breasts. If you are afraid that your breasts will be sooner, learn that there is no evidence in this regard.

The need to wear a bra or bustier for support, especially when practicing physical exercise is an inventive cultural myth probed by some corset maker some time ago. After all, the bras are a fashion accessory, in no way a medical device. Breast your breasts regularly Pay attention to any symptom of breasts that would suggest the need for a hormonal balance. Enhanced breasts are often a sign of suboptimal levels of iodine or a high level of estrogen. Sweat regularly Sweating is a component of the body's natural body of detoxification and cortisol.

Exercise helps you maintain a healthy level of estrogen and other hormones. Regular exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer, probably because it reduces the amount of body fat, and fat can cause an excess of estrogen. According to an extensive study, weak women exercising regularly at least 4 hours a week have a lower risk of breast cancer. Ensures a daily intake of vitamin D3 You need daily an intake of 2000-5000 IU in the form of supplements or sun exposure. Note that most women need supplements even if they are exposed to the sun regularly.

Do vitamin D analysis to see what level is in your body. The optimal level is between 40-80 ng / ml (say 100-150nmol / L), and research shows that a 52ng / ml nivell reduces the risk of breast cancer by half compared to a level of 13 ng / ml. Eat Healthy Try to have a diet with a small glycemic index and a quantity of vegetable fibers and vegetable fats. Put vegetables into your diet with cabbage - cabbage, broccoli, turmeric, garlic, onions, tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables from the family. Enjoy walnuts and flax seeds, hemp and chia.

Eat fish or take fish oil supplements to have enough omega 3 fatty acids (and they reduce the risk of breast cancer) Get antioxidants, especially vitamin C Dr Christiane Northrup recommends a daily intake of 1000 to 5000 vitamin C, vitamin C . Coenzyme Q10 A low Q10 coenzyme has been correlated with breast cancer, and few women have a sufficient amount of food in the diet. Organ meat contains this miraculous coenzyme, but organelle is not too present on people's table. It takes 10 to 100 mg / day or 70 to 100 mg / day if there is an increased risk of breast cancer. If you take a statin-based medicine to lower cholesterol, take a supplement with Q10 coenzyme because statins lower the level of this important nutrient.

Take Iodine Supplement For optimal health, breasts need 3mg iodine / day, and your body needs another 9mg. The best sources of iodine are marine algae and organic eggs. Iodine salt, better than nothing, is not the best iodine source because iodine tends to evaporate from salt. Drink moderately or not Alcohol (one or more glasses a day) increases the risk of breast cancer. The risk can be even greater for women who are taking hormone therapy.

Alcohol blocks the ability of folic acid (a vitamin of complex B) to repair the DNA. If you drink, take a supplement with B complex and remember that health is joy, not addiction. Plus, drinking a glass of wine to accompany a tasty meal is different than drinking a glass to quench sadness and anxiety. Do not smoke! . There are countless studies recommending quitting smoking as quickly as possible due to the harmful effects of nicotine.


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